Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas travel

Big family party at my sister's place in far South Jersey for Christmas this year. I had a train stop in Philadelphia, and once again marveled at how tiny the city seems now. Philly used to be the big city across the river, when I lived in South Jersey. Now it's like a little doll city.

Case in point, the 30th Street Station, pictured below. It was built probably around the same time as the original New York Penn Station, and unlike Penn, was never razed and covered by Madison Square Garden. So it looks pretty cool and beaux-arts. But I was almost in the center of the waiting area from where I took the picture, so that gives you an idea of how small the whole thing is, compared to Penn Station. The entire waiting area is smaller than just the Amtrak section of Penn Station, and Penn also has bus and subway sections.

Here I am waiting to take a train. I was already aware that my face is very asymmetrical, but only recently have I become aware of how freakishly arched my eyebrows are. The left is more arched than the right, but they're both way more arched than say, the eyebrows of the beautiful model in the giant banner ad behind the Christmas tree in the photo above.