Thursday, December 06, 2012

Fascinating tales of men's formalwear

As an androphile, I'm always interested in masculine-based aesthetic studies and so found this web site The Black Tie Guide very interesting - even more so because the site is chock full of fascinating facts, especially, but not only about the Regency period (my favorite for men's fashions.) And it's significant that this history of men's formalwear begins with the Regency period.

Regency Origins: The Tale of the Tailcoat

The interesting irony of formal attire is that almost without exception, every aspect of the masculine evening costume derives from the sport of horseback riding.
Elegance: A Quality Guide to Menswear

But that irony is nothing compared to this:

The English nobility's adaptation of the common man's clothing was also inspired by British sympathizers of the egalitarian principles of French and American revolutionaries.  

In their rejection of their colonial masters, American rebels turned to their French brothers-in-arms for their fashion cues which became ironic when the new French elite began importing the gentrified English look.   

The dude has a blog - here he critiques Daniel Craig's look at the Skyfall premiere. He pretty much likes it but feels that Craig's jacket is too tight.

But it's a bitch-fest over the GQ Men of the Year