Friday, December 14, 2012

It's time for gun control. NOW.

School Gunman Kills 20 Children in Connecticut

This is a start:

Michigan Gun Bill To End Criminal Background Checks Nixed In Senate
A bill pushed by the National Rifle Association to eliminate criminal background checks for many handgun buyers in Michigan was rejected by state lawmakers Wednesday, after a heavy lobbying effort by law enforcement officials, municipal leaders and gun control advocates.
The bill would have repealed a state law mandating all handgun buyers pass a background check program run by the Michigan State Police, designed to block felons, domestic abusers and the severely mentally ill from obtaining a handgun license. Federal law bars felons from obtaining firearms, but does not mandate private sellers conduct criminal background checks on gun buyers.
The bill sailed through the Michigan House of Representatives in June, but died in the Senate after lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of an alternate measure that eased handgun licensing in the state but retained the criminal background checks. Republicans in Michigan control both state houses and the governorship.
State law enforcement officials, municipal leaders and activists against domestic violence came out strongly against the measure eliminating background checks, warning it would allow illegal guns to fall into the wrong hands.

The above story is important for two reasons - first because it demonstrates just what a pack of extremists the NRA is, and second it demonstrates that the NRA doesn't always win. I've been having FB arguments about gun control and in addition to smacking down gun nuts, I had to deal with all the Droopy Dogs who say we should just give up opposing the NRA because the NRA always wins. That is disgusting defeatist bullshit.