Sunday, March 25, 2012

MISTRESS ILSA 2012 wraps it up

We had a great show for our last performance of MISTRESS ILSA, part of the TAWDRY show. The play is still not quite right, but this version represents a definite improvement over ILSA 2011. I expanded the role of The Snake and in this production she acquired some supernatural qualities. In this scene she somehow manages to gain entry into Ilsa's office without Ilsa realizing it, and she now has her own special music when she enters. The actor who played her this time around, Vibe Normann, is Danish and has expertise with accents. And she knows much more about Latvia than I do - she told us that Denmark and Latvia had a war which Denmark won, for one thing, and for another,  Latvian accents are much closer to Russian accents than I realized.

But also, she just really rocked the evilness of The Snake.