Friday, March 09, 2012

I love me some Carl Forsman pt 2

Back in January 2008 - can that really be four years ago? - I saw an interview with Keen Company founder and director Carl Forsman and I blogged about it under the title "I love me some Carl Forsman."

As I say in that blog post, I love the Keen Company's theatre philosophy. So I decided to finally do something to help promote it - I interviewed Carl yesterday about his philosophy and his currently running show Painting Churches and will be posting it onto the NYCPlaywrights web site - and here, of course. Carl was as nice as you might expect somebody who champions sincerity, generosity and kindness, gave a great interview AND gave me comps to his show. And as it happens, PAINTING CHURCHES is a good play - I haven't seen it yet but read it and was impressed by it as I said back in December. And I am impressed by very few plays.