Sunday, March 11, 2012

the Forsman interview

I enjoyed this whole interview with Carl Forsman - we talked for 30 minutes and I edited it down to almost 8 minutes and unfortunately had to leave out our discussion of Mr. Rogers (Carl is a fan of Mr. Rogers too) among other things, but the best part is at the end. First because Carl says of Tina Howe "her plays are very much generated from a spirit place of truth." I'm guessing he casually floats phrases such as that as a result of having a minister for a father.

I expect it's saying things like that which made Tina Howe say of him "doves fly out of his jacket." Carl mentions that anecdote and I laughed loudly - much too loudly. I did what I could to edit the laughter down to a low roar in post-production, but I didn't want to lose what Carl was saying so it's still pretty loud.

But really, that is pretty funny.

I mention at the beginning of this interview that Carl is from Chatham NJ. I've actually been to Chatham - I had some root canals there several years ago - and in spite of that I recognized what an utterly charming town Chatham is. I mean old time quaint and pretty and like you've gone back into some mythical American small town that never really existed.