Tuesday, March 06, 2012


It's a good thing Mr. Fuzz is as cute as he is because otherwise he would really get on my nerves. He has a range of schemes to get me to pay attention to him. I've already blogged about the one scheme, where he goes into a closet or another room and then makes piteous meows that I can't ignore - and when I say something in response he comes trotting into the room, or busts out of the closet.

This photo is another scheme, well-known to many cat owners I'm sure - the old stare-down. You can see he's practically on top of my laptop and his face is like inches away from my face as I try to ignore him and get some work done.

Right after I took this picture he went to Scheme 1.

Maybe the most cute/annoying scheme though is when he makes me hold him, under the theory, I suppose, that if I can't be playing mousie-time with him, the least I could do is hold him while typing on a laptop. If I'm slouched far enough down while working, he just sits right on my chest so I can rest my chin on his back while I work. Sheesh.