Tuesday, May 31, 2011

next up for Mergatroyd Productions

Well it looks like I'll be able to complete the one-act version of the formerly 10-minute play MISTRESS ILSA in time to get it into the Midtown International Theatre Festival's Short Subjects. And here I thought I would have a relaxing summer.

I'll have to compare dominatrix play notes with David Ives at the Dramatists Guild conference next week. After all, I did offer to give him a prop bullwhip the day he sat in on the NYCPlaywrights meeting - he declined, he said he already had one. And then he went and wrote VENUS IN FUR. I'm not saying the two items are related, just... interesting.

Well it's been almost a year since the one-act version of JULIA & BUDDY was in the MITF, and I've been trying to come up with a new logo for the full-length version. The full-length is quite different from the one-act and I felt it deserved a new logo. And I've done about 20 different versions. But I don't like any better than the original logo. I don't know if that means I'm just an unimaginative graphic designer or I'm just so slick I did it right the first time.

In any case, I'll finally be doing that production this autumn. I was going to do it in the MITF, but decided it was cheap enough to produce it myself. Only two actors in the cast - why didn't I think of that before? For most off-off Broadway productions the bigger the cast the better because cast members invite friends & family to come to see the show - and the actors aren't getting paid. Once you start paying the actors, which I always do on principle even though I could probably get away with not paying - it changes the economics entirely.

Hm, JULIA & BUDDY and MISTRESS ILSA are very different plays... but their logos share similar color schemes. Maybe I'm just not that imaginative a graphic designer...