Saturday, May 21, 2011

More dirty sexy fun with Pigpen

I mentioned in yesterday's post that Pigpen liked to sometimes ad-lib during performances of "Turn on Your Lovelight" and sometimes it's pretty funny and pretty naughty. The Dead's performance in the University gymnasium at SUNY Stony Brook on October 30, 1970, for example - at minute 8:01 in the recording located at the link he goes:

Now I wanna talk to you fellas. All the mens in the house this evening, I wanna tell you something. Now I know you standing around and you might have a little girl next door to you, say ah, don't look bad. So you go through all kinda changes trying to get her to go home wizzyah, and yah blow it. I'll tell you what you do, all you got to do is say "hey, what's your name? Let's fuck." Now if that don't work, next thing you do is to tell this fool to get off the organ" (I think he's referring to himself) "No - what you do is take your hands out of your pockets, quit playing pocket pool and lemmee hear how they sound when they go like that" (he claps his hands) "is that all you can do? Now come on folks - I want all you mens down here - wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I want all you fellows who are sitting down I want everybody down here that's sitting down, I want you to stand up. Ain't nobody gonna hurt you, it's just us. Now you folks, I say you, why don't you stand up? Stand up - yeah, your buddies too. Get on up. You, I say you - you got to get up - get on your feet. Alright that's better, I wanna see what your hands can do... well keep on... you - you ain't doing nothing... ah hahh - well alright!"
This is especially fun to listen to while you're in the middle of a deadly dull technical manual in the land of the Blueshirts.

Although the best part of this song's performance might be at the very end when it sounds like they're blowing up a gong.

Listen to it here.