Friday, October 22, 2010

secrets of the performing arts moguls: don't pay the performers

I see that the independent film director I've blogged about here before feels that Edward Einhorn's latest venture might make money - it's just so right that he would say that - but then they have the same exact business model: neither of them believes in paying actors.

Members of the Dramatists Guild are aware of Edward Einhorn's attitude about paying actors - here is an excerpt from an email he actually entered in to the court record:
Well, I think the theory behind it all is that the actors get the glory of having being on stage, which is why they are usually happy to work for free...
It's funny though - while I think that Einhorn would make a perfect fit with Manhattan Theatre Source, one of the regulars there on a theatre discussion board back in 2006 opined that Einhorn needed to be beaten with a baseball bat, or something to that effect. I can't find the archive now but I'll post it here when I do.