Friday, October 01, 2010

butch... like Diane Keaton

A couple of years ago my daughter and her lesbian friends informed me that I was "butch." I took this the way any single heterosexual woman in her 40s might take such an assessment - with great alarm.

But then they said I was butch like Diane Keaton, which made me feel a little better - though mainly because I don't consider her butch. I mean, yeah, she wore a tie in Annie Hall - that doesn't seem all that butch to me. And I really like Diane Keaton and love her work, so I guess if I'm going to be butch, I could do worse than being butch like Diane Keaton. I could be butch like Ann Coulter.

Also, I never had to have sex with Woody Allen, so that puts me way ahead of Diane Keaton, in spite of her fabulous career. Of course she also hooked up with Al Pacino in his young and excruciatingly hot days... so maybe I'm not so much ahead...