Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another naked guy

They seem to be on a naked guy streak at the Spring Street life drawing workshop on Saturdays. Every time I've gone in the past couple of months they've had a male life model.

This guy is interesting-looking, although from some angles he reminded me of the original Darren on Bewitched.

I knew immediately that he was straight, unlike the last two, based on his lack of interest in manscaping. And I heard him talking to somebody later and he mentioned his wife and kids so I was right.

His regular gig is a one-man puppet show - he's sort of Craig Schwartz from Being John Malkovich - and he had one of his puppets there with him in the life pose setup. He mentioned to another artist that he wanted people to draw the puppet too, but I wasn't about to spend my time drawing a puppet - I was there to draw a naked guy.

In this pose he reminded me of a Roman senator or even a Shakespeare character - and according to my buddy Nick Fondulis, naked is the only way to do Shakespeare.

Also I liked his hands - he had sensitive looking fingers. But I hope for his wife's sake he's a grower.