Monday, October 11, 2010

message to Tim Gunn about Meryl Streep

Tim Gunn, I have very mixed feelings about you. I only recently discovered who you are because I have even less interest in TV shows about designer label fashion than I do in designer label fashion.

But I thought your contribution to "It Gets Better" was very well done and you spoke from the heart:

On the other hand, you make your living from the deeply sexist world of high fashion, and instead of making it less sexist, you reflect all the basic sexist attitudes. As with your remarks about Meryl Streep:
"I would love to have a chat with Meryl Streep about the semiotics of clothes. I love Meryl Streep, I am an unbridled fan, but I think she believes she's too smart for fashion. That it's not something she should be addressing intellectually," he said.

I think you and me need to have a chat about the semiotics of clothes.

Because clearly you don't feel the need to police talented male actors' wardrobes. You are annoyed with Meryl Streep for having the temerity to think that any woman is above worrying about fashion. Who does she think she is? Some super-talented, award winning actor, who makes a fabulous living doing what she loves? In your mind even such a woman as that must be a slave to fashion, like Hillary Clinton (too manly, according to you) and every other woman.

Meryl Streep has the unmitigated gall to demand the same dignity men get, being judged for accomplishments, not clothing. On talent and intelligence. This is appalling to you - in your mind no woman had better disrespect the almighty fashion police, self-appointed czars of pettiness such as yourself.

Meryl Streep is too smart for fashion. Like any woman who isn't a complete idiot. It's one thing to want to look nice. It's another thing to be obsessed with fashion.

And anybody who hasn't had a relationship since the 1980s because he's still carrying a torch for an ex-boyfriend should NOT be giving advice to anybody about anything. I mean yeah, I hold torches for way too long, but even I'm not that ridiculous.