Thursday, July 23, 2009

4 degrees of Bewitched x 2

Well I finally found a clip of great-uncle Iggy Wolfington on youtube - he plays the king's chef in Rogers & Hammerstein's "Cinderella" starring Julie Andrews. Cinderella's mom is played by Agnes Moorehead, who was of course Samantha's mother, and one of Cinderella's sisters is played by Alice Ghostley, who played Esmerelda, another witch on Bewitched.

The production values of this Cinderella are unimpressive, but I surely do love that Prince Charming's outfit - ooh lah lah.

Bewitched is one of my favorite TV shows ever - such great characters, in addition to the ones mentioned - Uncle Arthur, played by the inimitable Paul Lynde, Doctor Bombay (who also showed up on an episode of Peewee's Playhouse to treat Jambie the Genie) and Serena, Sam's hippie chick cousin, played by Elizabeth Montgomery herself (who seems to be basing her portrayal on Liza Minelli in "Caberet" which strangely enough wasn't made yet.)

And thanks to youtube, I can FINALLY watch the legendary episode of Bewitched in which Sam and Darrin tell Larry that Sam is a witch. An ex-boyfriend of mine told me about it years ago and I've been wanting to see ever since - and finally HERE IT IS. But that Larry Tate is another great character, even if he is not a witch (or warlock, as they called boy witches on the show.) And Larry's reaction to the news is VERY much in keeping with Larry's character. Although it turns out to be a dream.