Friday, September 14, 2018

The abysmal Quillette author gender ratio

Claire Lehmann agrees with Camille Paglia that
women are pathetic stupid losers.

It's absolutely no surprise to me that Quillette has an abysmal author gender ratio in favor of men.

Quillette never mentions feminism unless to criticize it; likes to publish the work of anti-feminists like Cathy Young; publishes crackpots like Jordan "enforced monogamy" Peterson; and likes to praise professional misogynists like Camille Paglia.

And then there's the fact that publisher Claire Lehmann is an anti-feminist and a misogynist. Female misogynists are the most pathetic misogynists.

But even publications that don't take an anti-feminist, anti-woman position, like the New Yorker, have had histories of publishing far more work by men than by women, right up into the 2010s, as I documented for several months in 2011-2012 on this blog.

The VIDA list has been tracking the lop-sided gender ratios of the big literary publications for years.

When I was tracking the New Yorker it had a female authorship rate average of 24% - or almost 4 male writers for every female one.

Since I started tracking Quillette's author gender ratio a month ago (and posting the results to Twitter) its female authorship rate has averaged 14% or about 7 male authors for every female author.

Now it's possible that my publicizing Quillette's low female authorship will make Quillette publish more women authors and thus improve Quillette's standing as a serious publication. But given the alt-right leaning of Quillette I don't think it's ever going to be taken seriously, no matter how much Steven Pinker praises it. But no matter what, if I have to make Claire Lehmann work a little harder (or work at all since there doesn't seem to be much actual editing that goes on in Quillette) then it's worth it.