Sunday, September 16, 2018

Robin DiAngelo making claims without evidence again

It is stunning how Robin DiAngelo is never questioned by the media when she makes claims about what white people allegedly believe. Here she is once again implying that white people living right now don't understand that Jackie Robinson and other black ballplayers were the victims of racist discrimination.

And of course Robin DiAngelo has every reason to avoid making the effort to support her claims about what white people believe:
  • First because doing research would mean actually working, instead of just giving lectures and writing op-eds over and over again which say the same things. Lectures and op-eds she could probably deliver in her sleep by now.
  • Second because the media never asks her where she gets her information. If the media doesn't care that Robin DiAngelo pulls her information about white people directly out of her ass, why should Robin DiAngelo make an effort?
  • And third - even if she wasn't lazy and ethics-deficient, Robin DiAngelo probably realizes that if she did poll white people on their thoughts about Jackie Robinson's career, it would not support her project of presenting white people as monsters who, sixty years on and plenty of books and articles and movies about how Robinson & all black ballplayers suffered from a racist system, still don't get it.
Robin DiAngelo has based her career not on improving understanding across ethnic lines, not on reuniting people who have been torn apart thanks to the United States history of white supremacy, she has based her career on demonizing white people - all white people - as idiots and assholes. But especially liberals.

I blame Robin DiAngelo for encouraging extremist ethnic hate-mongers like Sonia Gupta and Ruby Hamad. And for normalizing racists like Donald Trump.