Thursday, September 06, 2018

Back from Canada

The name of the company means
"late night" in French, although
literally it is "bed late."
I had a nice weekend in Canada in Montreal and Quebec City, although I did too much driving again.

The logo here is for a Canadian convenience store chain, "Couche-Tard" which I was happy to see on Sunday night when we didn't get a chance to get dinner before seeing a theater production in Quebec.

Claude Montminy, one
of my interviewees.
Also because I love that logo. It means "Canada" to me as much as maple syrup or Justin Trudeau.

I've interviewed several Canadians for the upcoming podcast and it should be a pretty good episode. 

I was excited to get a chance to speak French too, and I even asked Claude Montminy, a native francophone, one of my interview questions in French, namely: "Pourquoi tu-es devenu dramaturge?" ("Why did you become a playwright?")

Although most people, even in Quebec City, speak English as well as French and will switch to English in a heartbeat if you sound at all anglophone.