Monday, September 10, 2018

Cathy Young has Jesse Singal's back

Oh the endless hypocrisy of Cathy Young, and her concern for unfair attacks via social media.
In June, The Atlantic published a cover story by science journalist Jesse Singal on children and adolescents who identify as transgender but then return to the gender identity consistent with their birth sex — sometimes after undergoing appearance-changing and potentially health-damaging treatments. The backlash on social media and in left-of-center publications was fierce; the author and the magazine alike were vilified and accused of promoting bigotry.
Cathy Young is always so concerned about poor Jesse Singal and his relation to social media, yet she publicly celebrated the moment when a campaign of vicious, misogynist harassment began, with the extreme invasion of one woman's privacy by her obsessive ex-boyfriend when he posted her private information and correspondence online with the explicit goal of provoking social media harassment.

Naturally Young and Singal had no problem attacking me on social media in a vicious way.

The people who are part of the Reason Magazine-Quillette axis are absolutely shameless in their hypocrisy.