Thursday, September 13, 2018

Meet Sonia Gupta, bigot and misogynist

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And FYI - I am anti-hereditarian - which means that I don't agree with those, like Sonia Gupta, who seem to believe that you can judge human beings by knowing nothing more about them than their gender and ethnicity. 
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Wow thanks to my writing about toxic bigot Ruby Hamad, I also discovered toxic bigot Sonia Gupta, who agrees with Ruby Hamad that white women are the devil.

After some exchanges with her I was set upon by the misogynist crew who admire her. One of them wouldn't stop sending misogynist trope gifs to me until I blocked him, another one just sent me a string of pointless insults until I blocked him. Then there's this charmer, Andy DeBroux, telling me where I should and should not express my opinions. What is it about developing software that attracts so many misogynists?

Please note that Gupta approved of this comment because of course she would.

Of course DeBroux's tweet did inspire me to write this blog post, so I hope he's happy about that.

Gupta makes clear on her Twitter account that she's not a big supporter of feminism since her devotion is to hating white women. 

I hope to god no white women have to work with Gupta or DeBroux at their software companies, that won't end well.

Gupta describes herself as a lawyer turned software developer, so I've no doubt she has more money than I'll ever see in my lifetime. And yet she seems to consider her struggles in life similar to the struggles of African Americans. She seems to believe that all forms of being non-white are equally oppressed.

Sonia Gupta really really hates white women though. I guess she figures if the computer programming career doesn't pan out, she can get a third career devoted to her resentment and hatred of white women - all the other privileged extremists can contribute to her career via Patreon.

I just hope that Gupta doesn't think she's going to parlay her hatred of white women into a lucrative career as a mainstream writer - Mikki Kendall already tried that but got stopped cold thanks to The Nation. On the other hand, it seems to be working out for Ruby Hamad. 

Fun fact - ole Sonia "I hate white women with the heat of a thousand sounds" Gupta and I have a mutual connection on Linked In - small world!

I really have a hard time believing that people like Gupta and Hamad are for real. They seem like caricatures invented by some Koch brothers-funded think tank to try to portray the social justice left as vicious and hateful and simple-minded bigots, who come from privilege but claim to be as oppressed as the decendents of 300-plus years of slavery and apartheid and abuse. 

But seriously, Gupta is obsessed with her hatred of white women.

The caricature image of "white women" as a snarling witch-type character with an exaggerated hook nose ratchets up the misogyny - and possibly anti-Semitism   an extra notch.

Must attack feminists of course.

This tweet probably explains why misogynists flock to her.

And of course can't forget to attack liberals. It's absolutely stunning how much more often these alleged social justice people attack feminists and liberals than they do conservatives.

Gupta hasn't only gotten pushback from white women though - apparently she has or at least had, at one time, white friends.

Apparently those wacky white people don't enjoy being friends with someone who constantly makes extremist, essentialist declarations about them based on their ethnicity. How does Sonia Gupta withstand such unbearable oppression?