Friday, September 28, 2018

Dar Williams is having none of Brett Kavanaugh's shit

Dar Williams the goddess posted this to her FB today:
In the early 80's, a pumped up group of athletes, in the middle of a winning season, stood before our packed high school gym. When the applause died down, the captain said, "We'd like to thank you all for your moral support and [full name of girl] for her oral support." Shocked double takes all around. Could we have heard incorrectly? No.
So. Now we hear of Brett Kavanaugh's "Renate Alumnius" reference, and supposedly there's a picture of nine football players stating to be "alumni" of a girl from another school. It's in writing. For that alone, no nomination.
Those athletes at my high school, those vainglorious shits, took their shining moment to willfully degrade a fellow student, to lampoon her sexuality to the thousand plus students in attendance. I am so happy the girl didn't commit suicide (she has thrived despite them). What they did was not sexist. It was misogynist. 
Brett Kavanaugh, you are a misogynist. Hundreds of boys in my high school would NEVER have used a public moment to verbally assault a fellow student, or to have allowed it to happen. HUNDREDS. Boys knew the difference, even then, between their own insecure, unsure, fumbling steps to becoming men and MISOGYNY. 
Today was an important day. Tears, shock, and confusion on my part and many others'. I believe every accusation, because, Brett Kavanaugh, you called yourself an "alumnius". You are a misogynist, just like those misogynists from my high school. You took your moment of glory to humiliate a girl, as if that were the proof of your true power. That is a hatred of women. That is misogyny.

I can't believe this song is 22 years old now. It's still perfect.