Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It's the Biosocial Criminology Association

Here is the web site for the Biosocial Criminology Association

Here are the current officers of the organization. Every one of them has a connection to Florida State University. But then as Joseph L. Nedelec admits:
It was at FSU that Joe and the other two yahoos on this page (and under the tutelage of Kevin Beaver) concocted the idea for the BCA.
The other two yahoos are Joseph A. Schwartz and Eric J. Connelly.

Kevin Beaver at Florida State University is definitely the evangelist of biosocial criminology. 

The three yahoos have gotten lots of opportunities to co-author papers with the gang, especially Beaver, Wright and Boutwell. My absolute favorite one so far is this doozy - "political ideology predicts involvement with crime."

Knowing as I do John Paul Wright's obsessive, bitter hatred for anybody left of center, of course I knew immediately what it was going to say. And sure enough, here's what the abstract says:
Political ideology represents an imperfect yet important indicator of a host of personality traits and cognitive preferences. These preferences, in turn, seemingly propel liberals and conservatives towards divergent life-course experiences. Criminal behavior represents one particular domain of conduct where differences rooted in political ideology may exist. Using a national dataset, we test whether and to what extent political ideology is predictive of self-reported criminal behavior. Our results show that self-identified political ideology is monolgically related to criminal conduct cross-sectionally and prospectively and that liberals self-report more criminal conduct than do conservatives. We discuss potential causal mechanism relating political ideology to individual conduct.
It seems that everybody that John Paul Wright hates, especially blacks and liberals, are coincidentally genetically inclined to be criminal.

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