Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Nourishing the Predator: Recipes to Preserve and Enhance Virility in the Dominant American Male

Taki's Magazine, A Voice for Men, etc. Garth loved all the biggest misogynists

I can't say I thought much about Laura Garth since I last saw her, which was when I was still married to my ex-husband. So it surprised me how much hatred I still had for her when I happened upon her on Facebook a few years ago, through a mutual friend of ours.

My daughter was born in November and then we had a New Years party at our apartment/hippie hangout in Palmyra New Jersey. And so there I was, with an infant in my arms and Laura Garth decides to makeout with my husband. The fact that he didn't push her away was the beginning of the end for our marriage, which is just as well, in retrospect but at the time I had a full-blown freakout.

Laura was a whack-job even then, with weird personal boundaries as a result of being sexually molested by her father, a minister. I once had an argument with her father - who happened by our hippie hangout one night - over "Why I Am Not A Christian" by Bertrand Russell. I took Russell's side, of course. This was before we all were aware of the molestation. Looking back it's possible he wanted to get in my pants too. There's no telling what other kinks are possible with a daughter-molester, and especially the perv factor of getting it on with a barefoot and pregnant red-headed seventeen year old, which I was then. I had assumed at the time he was impressed by my erudition and debate skills but now that I think about it... 

In any case, I had not given a rat's ass for my ex-husband for decades. But still, I ended up in a Facebook scream fight with Laura Garth, and I said some things I'm not proud of, and which are inexcusable in spite of her own extreme nastiness. And then I blocked her. 

But in truth it was especially easy to refrain from forgiving Garth when I discovered she was a champion of Men's Rights Activists. And I don't mean a casual supporter. She was hardcore and adopted the nom-de-plume Caprizchka and wrote a freaking book - self-published, but still - called, and I kid you not: Nourishing the Predator: Recipes to Preserve and Enhance Virility in the Dominant American Male.

And if that isn't enough, here is Garth promoting Doug Henwood's "My Turn" on Facebook.

Yep, like I said, Garth loved all the biggest misogynists.

I spite of our opposite political views, Garth and I had quite a few things in common besides growing up in South Jersey: like me, she made a living as a technical writer. And she kept a blog.

I actually didn't know how extreme Garth's political views were at the time I blocked her. My animus towards her was more personal than political. And I may never have known, but for whatever reason I happened to be thinking of some especially nasty thing she said to me and I was suddenly possessed by curiosity to see what the hell she was up to. So I unblocked her.

She was up to nothing. She died last August.

I feel bad for her - she clearly had a life so fucked up that her bitterness turned into hatred against herself and other women.