Friday, July 07, 2017

More about Canadian doucebags ~ Halifax edition

And speaking of asshole Gavin McInnes, it appears that his "Proud Boys" decided to make trouble during an event for indigenous people in Halifax Nova Scotia. Great, can't even get away from McInnes and his neo-Nazis for my vacation in Halifax.

Ezra Levant, who probably paid them to do it, of course wants to turn around and paint them as martyrs.

 I missed this story in The Walrus written by a staffer who passed himself off as a Canadian alt-righter to go on a cruise with Levant and his true believers. I enjoyed the cover illustration by frequent New Yorker cover artist Barry Blitt. The article though didn't have nearly as much about Levant as I would have liked. Not that I expected The Walrus to speculate on Levants sexual orientation, but he's barely quoted at all.

And the Walrus has another article about the way Levant's employees like Gavin McInnes are pretty damn anti-Semitic:
No, there is something more fundamental going on here. This is about more than just the ideological pathologies of one weird Canadian media company. It is about a warped new ideological arena where Zionists and creepy Nazi apologists are willing to overlook their differences in service to a common hateful cause.
The entire Trump-Brexit-Le Pen phenomenon has shifted the conversation from informed discussion to wild gestures and hysteria, especially on any issue connected to Islam. Whether it’s Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories, or the US President and his fake-news fetish, anything goes. Outrage is the currency of the new right, and McInnes is a master of the genre. While he makes it look easy, few media commentators have either the hate, or the lack of scruples, to perform this shtick convincingly. And Levant apparently isn’t prepared to give up the clicks that this star generates.
The cruise story maintained that Levant really believed in what he was doing. This second article seems to be arguing that Levant really doesn't care how hateful the rhetoric of the people he employs, as long as they make money for him.

I maintain he's a self-hating closeted gay man who is well-practiced in living an integrity-free life and therefor has no trouble turning his back on his Jewishness either.