Saturday, January 14, 2017

The mystery of why The Nation magazine loves Putin

I've been a subscriber to The Nation a few times in my life, but that's not happening again until they stop being such brocialist assholes. They have been consistently championing Putin and attempting to gaslight anybody who thinks the Trump-Putin connection is both plausible and worrisome. They call it neo-McCarthyism.

And of course Doug Henwood, the king of Hillary Clinton-hating brocialists is right there with them. The Daily Beast just published an article discussing the Nation-Putin connection and there was Henwood:

Another Nation staple, contributing editor Doug Henwood, has maintained a professional relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, yet is apparently very tetchy about the collaboration, as I also discovered when I engaged him. 
Henwood had planned to work with Assange on putting out a book about Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches—Henwood annotating, Assange writing the foreword—transcripts of which were of course originally hacked by Russian intelligence and disseminated through WikiLeaks, at least according to 17 different U.S. intelligence agencies, two of which concluded that this was done with the express purpose of helping Trump get elected. When I brought up this pending project, as detailed both on the book publisher’s website and in multiple articles, Henwood called me a “fucking idiot.” (Henwood’s publisher, when contacted for this story, noted that Henwood was no longer affiliated with the endeavor, saying that he had now grown “weary of chronicling Hillary Clinton’s boundless political shortcomings.”)
Yep, that's Henwood. Insulting or smearing anybody who disagrees with him - or even questions him.  My very first encounter with Henwood he did it to me - although he prefers to do it when you can't respond to, or even see the attack, as he did to me most recently, when a pal of his included him in his Twitter mentions and Henwood could see what I said about him. Henwood had blocked me back in 2014 on Twitter and so normally we can see each others' tweets.

Henwood did not fail to overreact, in his usual fashion, to my opinion of his political views with a smear against my character. It was only because I happened to create a separate Twitter account that I was able to see this smear.

The Nation is a disgrace. I'll either read Katha Pollitt's column there for free, or I'll wait until she publishes a collection of those columns.

I'm right in there with all the legitimate journalists whom
Henwood has insulted. I couldn't be more proud.