Thursday, January 26, 2017


She also made movies with Elvis
Well Mary Tyler Moore has died at age 80. I'm a fan of her show and of her pioneering taking a younger husband especially when it was still extremely unusual. Her politics were actually pretty iffy...
In a Parade magazine article from March 22, 2009, Moore identified herself as a "libertarian centrist" who watches Fox News. She stated, "...when one looks at what's happened to television, there are so few shows that interest me. I do watch a lot of Fox News. I like Charles Krauthammer and Bill O'Reilly...If McCain had asked me to campaign for him, I would have."[65] In an interview for the 2013 PBS series Pioneers of Television, Moore says that she was "recruited" to join the feminist movement of the 1970s by Gloria Steinem but did not agree with Steinem's views. Moore said she believed that women have an important role in raising children and that she did not believe in Steinem's view that "women owe it to themselves to have a career."[66]

Yeah, not so much.

The cast of the MTM show is fairly long-lived, if you leave out Ted Knight (Ted Baxter) who died in 1986.) The rest of them except for him and MTM are still alive:

Georgia Engel (Georgette) - 68
Valerie Harper (Rhoda) - 77
Gavin McLeod  (Murray) - 85
Ed Asner  (Lou Grant) - 87
Chloris Leachman  (Phyllis) - 90

And of course, Betty White, who played Sue Ann, is 95.