Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Boohoo Smurfette

A cranky right-winger emailed me yesterday:

Do you really have to regale us with the Women in The Age Of Trump excerpts? I've never seen so much whiny, brainless hate issued against a man who hasn't even taken office. All the while rapist Bill Clinton enjoys the good life on the corrupt money that flowed into the Clinton Foundation. All the while Hillary Clinton divulged national secrets from her hacked bathroom server. All the while Barack Hussein Obama pissed over our Constitution. Where was Americans In The Age Of Obama? 
All my life I've listened to this whining liberal crap. No wonder no one goes to the the theater. Nothing but narcissistic, preachy, boring, bed-wetting dreck. I'm sorry to say, nobody gives a damn what you think. Nobody gives a damn what I think, either, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. 
Get a grip on life. The world is not ending. Our Country is not ending. The sun will rise tomorrow like it always does and the birds will chirp with gusto.

I really wanted to let him have it but I restrained myself enough to respond somewhat professionally. This is what I said:

While I believe you are wrong in every particular about Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, that’s beside the point: even you cannot possibly deny that Donald Trump has a history of public hostility towards women. Even women on the Right, such as Megyn Kelly, whom Trump targeted for asking him questions he didn’t like. Kelly received rape and death threats thanks to Trump aiming his “beautiful Twitter account” at her.

Trump’s outrageous thuggishness is not only limited to targeting women, and his thuggishness is only one of many reasons why he will go down in history as the worst president, but I decided to focus on women since he’s publicly bragged about sexual assault and about hitting on married women. These are things which, in the past, would have completely destroyed a politician’s career. That is why it is indeed correct to say “this is not normal.” And that is why, although I have avoided addressing politics via NYCPlaywrights in the past, I decided to do so now.
As far as the project and the excerpts:

  • You are under no obligation to read the excerpts
  • The excerpts are only being posted for two weeks
  • Many of the plays/excerpts have nothing to do directly with the election or even with politics  
  • You could click the topics on the right-hand side of the page to filter out the play excerpts
But clearly you have been triggered by this project, and are offended by the idea that many people in the arts have liberal views, so by all means, feel free to refrain from visiting the NYCPlaywrights web site. It receives no government funds, (hooray for private enterprise) and we can get along very well without you.

This was the second complaint I received about the Women in the Age of Trump project I created for NYCPlaywrights. The other complaint was about the onerous burden of having to wade through semifinalist play excerpts in order to find calls-for-submissions. Boo hoo, Smurfette

These complaints are balanced by other people telling me how much they enjoy reading the excerpts. 

Creepo wrote back and began his response by complaining that people were mean to Sarah Palin. I didn't bother to read the rest, I just asked him to stop contacting me. His next response began "just like a liberal" and I immediately trashed that one too. 

The comment about Barack Obama "pissing all over our Constitution" is mysterious. I can't imagine what this guy thinks Obama did wrong in relation to the Constitution, I assume he read it on Breitbart or maybe Alex Jones invented something. But anybody who defends Donald Trump obviously has a brain that works differently from the brains of the rest of humanity, and trying to comprehend their thought patterns is pretty futile - they will never make any kind of rational sense.