Friday, January 13, 2017

New Monroe footage

The New York Times has a piece today about an amateur photographer whose footage of the Seven Year Itch subway grating shoot in Manhattan was discovered (over 10 years ago but they just got around to sharing it with the Times.) The article makes a valid point:

Then Mr. Ewell is there, chatting with Ms. Monroe, who pushes him into position. The dress flutters again, Ms. Monroe holds it down, bending slightly, smiling and talking to Mr. Ewell, but it flutters up some more and she laughs, her head thrown back. It blows up again, but she doesn’t push it down this time, and it flies up over her head, clearly revealing two pairs of underwear that, because of the bright lights, do not protect Ms. Monroe’s modesty quite as much as she might have liked.

A few years ago I posted this photo which shows that her two pairs of underpants were no match for the bright lights.