Monday, April 18, 2016

The Hunting of Hillary

I've admired Joe Conason and Gene Lyons since their The Hunting of the President was published (and also made into a movie) and my admiration only increased when they butted heads with toxic Hillary hater and Nation/Jacobin contributor Doug Henwood (after I tangled with him on Facebook).

I've since become Conason's FB friend and via a link he provided downloaded his free book (adapted and updated from The Hunting of the President) - you can get it here.

I especially enjoyed what they had to say about Maureen Down in the introduction in light of her latest attack on Clinton:

Having created the ballyhooed Whitewater “scandal,” most of the nation’s news organizations, including three or four television networks and the two most important daily newspapers, cheered Starr on, spending millions more in their own zeal to get Hillary. There was no accusation too obscure or dubious to make headlines, in publications that routinely anticipated her imminent criminal indictment. Editors of The New York Times, America’s newspaper of record, employed not one but two op-ed columnists, William Safire and Maureen Dowd, whose only seeming purpose in life was to bring her down. Safire warned repeatedly that she would go to prison, promising to “eat crow” if his direst predictions proved wrong. (While the old Nixon hand has since passed away, Dowd still pursues the same old obsession in the same space, as she devolves into self-parody.) 

I was so annoyed by Dowd's piece I commented - and to my surprise they ran it:


 New York NY 
Yes, MoDo's deep bitter toxic hatred of Hillary Clinton is well known. How can anybody take Dowd seriously on the topic?

I am phone banking for Hillary prior to the April 19 primary.