Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I think we can start focusing on defeating Donald Trump now

Joan Walsh has a good piece in The Nation (it isn't all brocialists yet) entitled:
Surprise: New York Democrats Like the Democratic Party!
And the Sanders campaign is making enemies with its attacks.

 She writes:
I’ve been to a total of five Clinton events in Brooklyn, Washington Heights, and the Bronx in the last few weeks, and I can say conclusively: The biggest applause lines always have to do with Sanders’s recent status as a Democrat, and Clinton’s long history with the party. At all of these events, Clinton surrounded herself with local Democratic leaders, while Sanders has generally been promoted at his much larger New York rallies by a combination of grassroots activists and celebrities, not by local elected officials. To lefties convinced that such folks are corrupt post-Tammany hacks, this is no doubt a selling point for Sanders. But for ordinary people who consider themselves Democrats—and I’ve met a multiracial throng of avid Democrats who are home health workers, nannies, bus drivers, teachers, waiters, social workers, and museum administrators at Clinton rallies—it is part of why he will lose on Tuesday, and perhaps lose big.

Predictably the sore loser Radical Chic is muttering darkly about vote disenfranchisement. Because New York state voting laws are strict about the voter registration process. Featherstone apparently considers this an evil conspiracy deliberately created to hurt Bernie Sanders.