Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Riverside Park

Looking north at the GWBridge
Over the weekend I finally made it to the other big park within easy walking distance of my new apartment, Riverside Park. It has pluses and minuses over Central Park:
  • Fewer tourists
  • Fewer landmarks and concessions so few people in general
  • The multi-tiered use of the land makes it bigger than it looks on the map
  • A view of the NJ side of the Hudson - it was a bit nostalgic for me since I lived over there for seven and a half years.
  • View of the GWB - the one that Governor Christie log jammed thanks to being a complete asshole

  • Don't even think of having a nice walk along the river-side walkway - bicycles are allowed on it and many of them wiz by at top speed - you take your life into your hands walking on that thing - at least one person, a kid, was hit by a bike within the past year.
  • Bicyclists are not only on the walkway, they're all over the paths where you think it's going to be just pedestrians. In Central Park the bicyclists stick to the (usually closed-off) roadways.
  • No concessions so if you get thirst and want to buy a bottle of water you are out of luck.