Sunday, April 24, 2016

Passover 2016

I was invited to Passover this year - I didn't have to go to Zabar's after all. Although I have to say, my neighbors on the Upper West Side have a much less formal Passover than my in-laws back in Pennsauken NJ back in the twentieth century. But I had matzoh ball soup for the first time in decades so that was nice. No latkes though. Oh well you can't have everything. In the entire six years I lived in Astoria I was never invited into anybody's home, and here I've lived on the UWS for a little over two months and not only did I have dinner in somebody's home, but another neighbor invited me over to get high. Which I haven't done, yet, but it was nice to get the offer.

Yes so far the UWS is much friendlier than Astoria.