Friday, February 26, 2016

More feminist hating from the Ladies Auxiliary

While tallying the attack rate of the Radical Chic Ladies Auxiliary against feminists I overlooked Amber A'Lee Frost's article "No Such Cuck."

Apparently Frost thinks it's important to enlighten the world on feminist Joan Walsh's feelings about the word "cuckservitude." Frost ends the article in this way :
The net effect of this summer’s cuckservative panic was to lure liberals once more into their pet allegiance to etiquette and away from the more risky and demanding conduct of politics. The anonymous basement trolls crying cuckservative are gross, but they don’t have the political power or public legitimacy of the “mild-mannered, clean-cut” rightists. (And if Twitter metrics are anything to go by, the word has essentially been retired anyway.) It’s the bien pensant conservatives who continue to whitewash the insidious nature of the conservative movement, even as they convey an air of civilized legitimacy to the easily shocked Joan Walshes of the world.
Amber A'Lee Frost doesn't give a shit about conservatives unless she can use them to attack liberals, and to demonstrate what a rad young contrarianette (the Ladies Auxiliary embraces politically incorrect terminology) she is compared to those bourgeois old lady feminists. And you will never go broke writing hit pieces on feminists: Katie Roiphe has made an entire career of it. I doubt Frost would turn down money from a right-wing organization to write a feminist hit piece. Just as her sister-member of the Ladies Auxiliary Liza Featherstone was proud to be quoted by the Koch brothers-funded Reason magazine as she tried to gaslight those of us who had direct experience with Bernie Bros.