Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Marilyn's muse

Well I need a break from Berniebros, members of the Radical Chic and other unsavory characters (no surprise anti-feminist Will Shetterly is a Berniebro) so I'll talk about Marilyn Monroe. I know so much about her thanks to the play about her that I keep trying to finish. One of these days soon - after I finally move to my new apartment.

One thing I find very charming is that Arthur Miller was her muse. I certainly relate to that - I've always found attractive men especially inspiring myself and Monroe was really into Miller from the time they met in 1951 - and he was really into her. But he was married and Monroe went onto marry Joe DiMaggio. I will have to get Miller's autobiography and see what he has to say about how he was feeling when he heard Monroe married somebody else.

Even though she did she was thinking of him. She said:

When I met Arthur Miller the first time, it was on a set, and I was crying. I was playing in a picture called As Young As You Feel, and he and Elia Kazan came over to me. I was crying because a friend of mine had died. I was introduced to Arthur.  
That was in 1951. Everything was pretty bleary for me at that time. Then I didn't see him for about four years. We would correspond, and he sent me a list of books to read. I used to think that maybe he might see me in a movie - there often used to be two pictures playing at a time, and I thought I might be in the other movie and he'd see me. So I wanted to do my best.  
I don't know how to say it, but I was in love with him from the first moment. 

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