Sunday, February 28, 2016

Beautiful Upper West Side

Screaming portal - this looks so clean and sharp it
might be a modern knock-off of the old school
A few years ago I was raving about the beauty of Brooklyn brownstones with their architectural whimsy. Well Brooklyn's got nothing on the Upper West Side. And apparently my entire immediate neighborhood is designated as an historic district.

This is the Hotel Lucerne

This one is right across the street from my apartment building ~ the historic district document claims this building is called the "Clifford" but that's not what it spells on the building itself - I don't see any letter "R"s or "D"s in there. It looks like it could spell "Clifton" - and there is a building called the Clifton on 79th Street.

The Sudeley is also right across the street. Probably named for a British castle.