Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Sensitive Skin

I was looking on Google Play for season 2 of Slings and Arrows but instead the search feature presented me with a TV series "Sensitive Skin" which stars Kim Catrall as Davina a woman going through a mid-life crisis.

I've become a fan of Catrall over the past year so that had me interested. Davina is a very different character from Samantha Jones, quite conservative and low-key.

Sensitive Skin is created by several people associated with Slings & Arrows and features a few of the actors from S&A. foremost is Don McKellar who was so wonderful as the bitchy, eccentric postmodernist director Darren Nichols. McKellar directs Sensitive Skin as well as acts in it, and Bob Martin, who played a minor character, an accountant in the first season of S&A and was a co-creator of that series, is also the writer for Sensitive Skin. And he plays a supporting character in Sensitive Skin. Also crossing over from one series to the other is Colm Feore who was amazing as scam artist Sanjay in Slings & Arrows, playing Davina's brother-in-law Roger.

In spite of the connection between the two series, they are very different. S&A was fast-paced and often laugh out loud funny, while Sensitive Skin, billed as a black comedy, is more black than comedy. It's sort of grim and depressing, really, but it tells a story well and it's quite stylized with its muted colors and frequent use of slo-mo. But things move very slowly and there's really only one plot-line, while Slings and Arrows always had multiple plot lines going on.

You could fit all the activity of the entire 6-episode, 30-minutes-per-episode first season of Sensitive Skin into a single one-hour episode of Slings and Arrows. Of course I binged watched the first season and I'm looking forward to the next season which will be released soon I hope.

The show has a Twitter account.