Saturday, December 12, 2015

His cheatin' heart

I don't know if it's stupidity or shamelessness or what. It's certainly perfidiousness, that we can be sure of.

This guy contacts me via a dating site, and he has the address to his rock band's Facebook page in his profile. So of course I'm going to have to check that out. I go to his band's page and immediately find this guy's real name, so of course I go to his profile. Now he doesn't have anything listed in his "relationship status" but there are a whole bunch of photos of him and a young woman, including ones where they're dressed up for Halloween like characters from Star Trek. Either she's a fellow Trekkie, or she likes this guy enough to dress up for him like that. In any case, she is apparently under the impression that they are in a relationship, since that's what it says in her Facebook profile.

She's also in musical theater - she has a headshot and everything. She looks to be in her early 20s.  What would she think if she knew her 26 year old boyfriend was on a dating site looking for women, including women old enough to be his mother?

Well it's none of my business of course. However I couldn't resist letting this dumbass know that I found his FB profile and I think that finally gave him a clue, because he immediately blocked me. I'm sure this girlfriend will figure out what he really is, sooner or later.

I have to wonder if the hacking of Ashley Madison (although still around even after the hacker raid on its member database) has driven the cockroaches over to all the other dating sites. This August I met a 20-something doctor via social media (on Meetup of all things) who was very smart and nice - and, it turned out, engaged. It was so easy to learn this information once he gave me his real phone number via text message. It took two seconds to discover his real name and then from there another two seconds to find his Facebook profile - which didn't have much information, but his mother's Facebook profile had everything, including all the congratulations on his engagement, and the name of his fiancee, who is also a doctor and who clearly thought she was in a relationship with Dr. X.

I am planning to do a web series, My Life as a Cougar, once I get this move over with, and tell stories of meeting all the crazies and losers and cheaters out there. I guess it will fall into the "black comedy" category.