Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Moving on...

Miss Willow finds photography deeply suspicious too
Well my landlord is giving me the boot. I don't know if it's because I asked him to paint, after 5 years (they're supposed to paint every 3 years) or he wants to jack the rent up by $300 or what. But he gave me 30 days yesterday and then said I could stay another two months.

I've been here for five years and I was justing thinking that this was a record - I haven't lived more than 5 years anywhere since my daughter's childhood, when we lived in a tiny apartment in Pennsauken NJ for six years. Since then, 1989, I've lived:

  1. Another place in Pennsauken - 3 years
  2. Merchantville NJ - 4 years 
  3. Pennsauken NJ - 3 years
  4. Staten Island NY - 1 month
  5. Weehawken - 1.5 years
  6. Hoboken - 3 years
  7. Hoboken - other location - 3 years
  8. Weehawken - 2 years
  9. Manhattan - 1 year
  10. Astoria - 5 years

That is a lot of moving around. My poor cats have had to move three times so far and I'm afraid a fourth time will kill Miss Willow, who hates for anything unusual to happen. Just my making the bed is enough to send her scurrying out of the room.

I'm thinking of moving to Crown Heights which abuts the Brooklyn Botanical Garden on its northern edge. I love the idea of being able to pop into the Garden all the time. On the other hand if I lived on the Upper West Side I will be able to go to Central Park. Decisions decisions.