Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Brooklyn Promenade sans Jason

The first and only time I've been to the Brooklyn Promenade prior to this past weekend was on a date with Jason the dental technician. He was in his early 20s to my mid-30s - yes I was a cougar pioneer.

I was really impressed by the Promenade - long after we broke it off - and our relationship wasn't very long to begin with - I was still pining for the way I felt walking there with him.

Everybody makes a big deal about the sights you can seen from the Brooklyn Promenade, and it is undoubtedly impressive, between the Statue of Liberty and the downtown Manhattan skyline, especially at sunset. But what they don't mention is the other impressive sight: the interior of the homes along the Promenade.

The homeowners are so pleased with their homes they just throw open the curtains and let any passers-by - and there are a lot of them on the Promenade most of the time - peek right inside. I don't care how rich I was or how proud of my home - I wouldn't just let people gawk at my stuff.

The photos don't show a clear view of the interiors and that's fine - I don't want to compound the issue by sharing their homes with the entire world - but you could see inside with perfect clarity from the Promenade.