Friday, September 25, 2015

Tragically Fragile

I try not to think about Evan Marc Katz but I couldn't help but do so when I saw an article in Buzzfeed called 23 Gendered Products That Prove How Truly Fragile Masculinity Is. (When I posted it on Facebook it reads as "tragically fragile" which is more fun to say in your mind.)

I recently criticized Katz for the incredibly regressive advice he gives to women on bowing to traditional gender roles in order to catch a man. He advises women to be passive, and he lists some things that are unacceptably pro-active for a woman seeking a "masculine man." Two of the items just blow my mind - I thought I knew how bad American men who cling to traditional gender roles are, but if Katz is to be believed their concepts of unacceptable female aggressiveness wouldn't be out of place among the Taliban. The items are:
  • You haven’t heard from him all weekend, you text him to make sure he’s doing okay.
  • You want to see him next week, you tell him his favorite band is playing downtown and you can get tickets
That's right, even enquiring after his well-being or offering tickets to his favorite band are considered so horrifically domineering that they will, using Katz's own term, make the masculine man feel emasculated.

Yeah, I can just hear the manly man after he receives a text from the woman:

"she has two tickets to the Springsteen show next week and she asked me to go with her? THAT CASTRATING BITCH!"

In spite of the fact that masculinity is supposed to represent toughness, in fact it is one of the most fragile things on this planet, under constant threat - as Katz's examples of pro-activity demonstrate.

As does the Buzzfeed article:

20. “This food is only truly good for men. Women wouldn’t appreciate it.”

More in painfully fragile masculinity: fun fact (they're tomatoes)

27 more examples!