Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Reading for Dollars

I had a reading of the first draft of my NORMA JEANE play last weekend and I'm glad I did it - my usual tendency to procrastinate was thwarted by the fact that I had the reading scheduled and actors lined up and I had to have something for them to read. So I forced myself to finish the play. It was really rough and half-assed, of course, since it was the very first draft.

The reading itself was not a fun experience especially since one of the actors decided to check his iPhone all during the reading. And mind you, he wasn't there as a favor to me - I was paying him. And I bought the actors drinks and snacks afterwards. So I fired him. I didn't say "you're fired!" like Donald Trump, I'm just never asking him to read a play of mine again. I'm done with being disrespected in the theater. But in spite of the lack of a declaration, his ass is, nevertheless, so fired.

The best part was that he gave me feedback that some of the scenes seemed "too long" - maybe that was his excuse for why he had to check his phone in the middle of them.

On the plus side, my second draft is coming along pretty well - I figured out a way to rearrange the scenes to make them work better. I'm having another reading in October. Hopefully a better reading with more respect.