Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Countdown to the Robin DiAngelo lawsuit

UPDATE: My latest post about Robin DiAngelo: No Jamelle Bouie, Robin DiAngelo is not helping

Robin DiAngelo has written another bigoted offensive article and naturally it ends up in my Facebook newsfeed thanks to a friend of a friend. I've written before about DiAngelo. I would prefer not to have to think about Robin DiAngelo at all but idiots keep pointing to her as if she's some kind of voice of reason on the subject of race.

When I say "the Robin DiAngelo lawsuit" I don't necessarily mean she will personally be the defendant although she might.  But more likely her employer will be the defendant, because Robin DiAngelo conducts workplace events that discriminate on the basis of ethnicity. And it will be an open and shut case because DiAngelo makes no secret of the discrimination - she is so proud of it she wrote an article for "The Good Men Project" admitting to it:
When another police shooting of an unarmed black man occurred, my workplace called for an informal lunch gathering of people who wanted to connect and find support. Just before the gathering, a woman of color pulled me aside and told me that she wanted to attend but she was “in no mood for white women’s tears today.” I assured her that I would handle it. As the meeting started, I told my fellow white participants that if they felt moved to tears, to please leave the room. I would go with them for support, but asked that they not cry in the mixed group. After the discussion, I spent the next hour explaining to a very outraged white woman why she was asked not to cry in the presence of the people of color. 
So just to recap:
  • An employer called for a gathering to be run by DiAngelo.
  • One individual in the workplace told DiAngelo she had a problem with a specific group of people on the basis of their gender and ethnicity.
  • DiAngelo then informed the members of that ethnicity only that if they cried during the discussion, they had to leave the room.
  • At least one individual was very upset by being singled out that way.
DiAngelo then spends the rest of the article justifying the discrimination, which, when you boil it down, is something like: "all white women share the guilt of the death of Emmet Till because white men killed him because he whistled at a white woman."

I sure hope she tries to use that as a defense in this clear-cut case of ethnicity-based discrimination. She'll be laughed out of court.

If Robin DiAngelo continues to commit blatant discrimination in the workplace it is only a matter of time before somebody sues.

And because the reflex response of all Social Justice Warriors/Identitarians like Robin DiAngelo is to smear their critics as racist, here is a statement:

My Anti-Racist Bona Fides
Although I was smeared on Tumblr by infamous bully Mikki Kendall and identitarian extremist K. Tempest Bradford (and thanks to the cozy relationship between Tumblr and Google, the smears show up in my search results), in fact I have a long history of opposing racism, and the evidence for the past 10 years is on this blog. Unhinged extremists like Kendall and Bradford don't care to know anything about the strangers they randomly smear. That's why they and the people who promote them like Verso books are horrible and don't help solve the problem of racism in the United States.