Tuesday, September 15, 2015

DAVID: "Balderdash!"

In case you had forgotten what David Mamet has become, here is his essay in the National Review about Gloria Steinem's take on Marilyn Monroe. I did not read the byline before I dove into this essay, but as I was reading it I did think "this must be some especially nasty cranky old conservative" - and sure enough I was right.

Big surprise Mamet is glad Monroe died young, rather than get old:
In a more equal world, a top-down world, a world of equality (as envisioned and enforced by the Left) Ms. Monroe might have been taken in hand (by whom?) early on, and cured of her unreal escapist self (her talent), and still be alive playing Mother Courage in some Resident Theatre somewhere. 

But this is the best part, considering that Mamet was so famous for flinging the F-bomb:
What balderdash. Shame on you, Ms. Steinem, for promoting hypocrisy. For anyone who might be foolish enough to nod along with your sanctimony will, along with you, the next time they watch one of Marilyn’s films, laugh and smile; you, then, are promoting a dual-consciousness, an indictment of that which one enjoys, of a legitimate pleasure brought about through the work and the talent of an actual human being, who, in your sad lament, you belittle and patronize.
I'm sure Mamet would not have the courage to say such things directly to Steinem because if he did she would defend herself. To my knowledge Steinem has not responded to this, probably because she doesn't pay attention to Mamet - because nobody pays attention to Mamet any more except other cranky old right-wing coots who like to cry "balderdash!" and read the National Review.