Thursday, June 25, 2015

The pernicious impact of Dr. Robin DiAngelo

UPDATE: My latest post about Robin DiAngelo: No Jamelle Bouie, Robin DiAngelo is not helping

Robin DiAngelo, as I have demonstrated on this blog has no qualms about smearing random white people - or all white people - as racist. Here she is bragging about scapegoating an individual woman in the workplace.

DiAngelo gets away with doing this kind of thing because of course racism is a horrible thing. And since she is against racism, surely she must be a good and wise and fair person. Right?

No, she is not good or wise or fair. She is a snake-oil saleswoman selling tactics that do not make the problem of race in America better. She is telling us that we should judge people on the basis of the color of their skin, and not on the content of their character. She is the anti-Martin Luther King, Jr.

What DiAngelo is selling is revenge. And of course seeking revenge is a very human thing, that's why it's so popular, and that's how DiAngelo can make a living doing it. But it's not ethical. It's immoral to make a living promoting revenge.

Scapegoating, dehumanizing and denying individual human beings their own will, their own conscious ethics, their intentionality is evil. And those are the things Robin DiAngelo does. That's how she earns her living.

More on the pernicious impact of Dr. Robin DiAngelo.

And because the reflex response of all Social Justice Warriors/Identitarians like Robin DiAngelo is to smear their critics as racist, here is a statement:

My Anti-Racist Bona Fides

Although I was smeared on Tumblr by infamous bully Mikki Kendall and identitarian extremist K. Tempest Bradford (and thanks to the cozy relationship between Tumblr and Google, the smears show up in my search results), in fact I have a long history of opposing racism, and the evidence for the past 10 years is on this blog. Unhinged extremists like Kendall and Bradford don't care to know anything about the strangers they randomly smear. That's why they and the people who promote them like Verso books are horrible and don't help solve the problem of racism in the United States.