Monday, June 22, 2015

Richard Dawkins slightly behind schedule

I was wondering when Richard Dawkins was going to get around to embarrassing himself by supporting sexist idiot Tim Hunt. It took a week longer than I expected but it appeared in the Guardian on June 19:
In his letter to the Times, Dawkins said: “Along with many others, I didn’t like Sir Tim Hunt’s joke, but ‘disproportionate’ would be a huge underestimate of the baying witch-hunt that it unleashed among our academic thought police: nothing less than a feeding frenzy of mob-rule self-righteousness.”
And if you want to claim that a man was the victim of “feminist bullies,” as the Daily Mail has, hang on a sec while I laugh and laugh and laugh. You see, ultimately, the main takeaway from Hunt’s remark was a good-spirited outpouring of humorous tweets from women in science actually doing the work. It was Hunt who chose to open his mouth and say something dumb. It was Hunt who chose to double down on it. It was Dawkins who chose to leap into the fray with the phrase “witch hunt.” So sorry, guys, there are no witches here. Just a few sad old dinosaurs.