Thursday, June 04, 2015

Gone Daddy Gone

The Violent Femmes self-titled first album holds up pretty well after 33 years.

Wow. 33 years.

My ex-boyfriend John, who was very in-tune with all the newest coolest rock music, well before it turned up on the radio, even the college radio stations, turned me onto these guys - via cassette tape of course.

At the time, nobody else knew about them. Then a few summers later I was at the beach (without John - in our 10+ years together he only accompanied me to the Jersey shore on three occasions and he never went into the water - he couldn't swim) and I heard somebody playing the album on their boom box - they looked like a bunch of preppie boys and girls. And I knew something had changed about music and maybe even The Zeitgeist.

Now everybody knows this album and it is probably responsible for the whole emo music movement although Wikipedia doesn't give them any credit.

I talk about how the VFs were discovered here.

This live version of Gone Daddy Gone is fun, but you can't hear the xylophone, which really makes the song in my opinion.

Studio version