Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fake SJWs

I have speculated in the past that many Social Justice Warriors social media accounts represent views that are so absurd they must be right-wingers posing as SJWs.

Turns out I was not paranoid. Although I somehow missed this story on Buzzfeed from a whole year ago: Activists Are Outing Hundreds Of Twitter Users Believed To Be 4chan Trolls Posing As Feminists.
On Monday, 4chan users came up with a new plan to pose as feminists of different races and begin arguing that certain races were “white enough to benefit from white privilege.” They called the plan “divide and conquer.”
Although SJWs like Mikki Kendall and K Tempest Bradford, who seem to be real, are perfectly capable of dividing feminists by race without any help from 4chan. But it's nice to know my Spidey senses were correct.