Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dick too bomb

I'm not sure if this is a problem or what but anyway this NYMag article is funny.
How can I use this term in everyday speech?
We suggest the simple Dick Too Bomb and Dick 2 Bomb, or the shorthands DTB/D2B. For emoji, try eggplant, peace-sign fingers, bomb. Example: “Olivia Pope needs to break up with Fitz and Jake, but dick too bomb.”

The song is old. If I use this term, am I just belatedly appropriating it?
Yes, to some extent. The song is a few years old. Teens have been using it extensively on social media: #dicktoobomb is a commonly deployed Twitter hashtag, and teens are really into lip-syncing the song using dubsmash videos that they post to Vine. (Further investigation is needed to determine if a teen can truly grasp the concept, but we might address that in a follow-up report.) However, the sentiment is evergreen and timeless. Someone’s dick will always be too bomb, and it really is a fantastic way to describe pleasing male genitalia.
Is there any hope for me if I encounter a D2B?
Like all addictive things, dependence on a bomb dick can be mitigated through responsible enjoyment and may include periods of withdrawal. It is our belief that there are no dicks so bomb that they are truly permanent in our lives if we want them gone.