Thursday, March 26, 2015

More "racial realists" bemoan Razib Khan's firing

If you have any doubt of the true opinions of Razib Khan's comrades in race, you need look no further than the American Renaissance commenters' response to his firing by the NYTimes:
Walter Lew Publius Pompilius Quietus
Being a (White) racial supremacist is a badie like being a Nazi-Hitler-KKK, and there is no profit in not going along with the public conception.
However, once one becomes a race realist he is forced logically become a (White) race supremacist.
Unless the race realist holds the opinion that dunking a basketball and performing heart surgery are of equal value.
Razib Khan sure has a swell bunch of buddies.

In more Razib news, I could hardly believe my eyes - Khan referenced Marvin Harris!

  1. Razib Khan
    marvin harris in *cannibals and kings* refers to many warlike societies which go through this stage. i think one key here is that often inheritance is passed from maternal uncle to maternal nephew. these are societies with less than perfect certainty in paternity, so this is how men in groups pass their power down. eventually this just does not scale (in any case, the certainty has to be pretty low for expected relatedness of nephews to exceed sons!, i.e. e(r) = .25 vs. 0.50, even with a fudge factor on the latter). societies seem to go from matrilineal->patrilineal (e.g., parts of south india), but to my knowledge not the reverse, though one tension that emerges is that maternal grandparents are still often closer than paternal. this is true in bangladesh, where there is a disjunction between the cultural ideal of total loyalty to your father’s family, but the reality that often you are closer to your mother’s family.

Of course Harris completely disagreed with the conclusion that Khan makes at the end of his blog post, that humans are innately violent. But I don't think Khan actually gets Harris.