Wednesday, March 18, 2015

And now for something completely Irish

I've never been hardcore into the whole Irish thing. It seems to me that ethnic identity has lead to more harm than good, although there is much that is charming about Celtic culture. But some people are just sooo into ethnic identity. A cousin of mine got married on St. Patrick's day and had a whole Kelly Green Irish-themed wedding. Waaaay too much Irishness for me.

I worked for a company based in Ireland 15 years ago, and they've long since gone out of business. My New York City coworkers and I, when some of our Irish colleagues got on our nerves, used to contemplate what we liked to call a "leprechaun smack-down." I was the one who coined the term.

The actor I used for my play JULIA & BUDDY last summer, Matt DeCapua, turns out to have additional talents besides being an excellent actor with an admirably professional attitude and an awesome work ethic - he was almost completely off-book by the first rehearsal of J&B. I was amazed. It turns out he also makes videos. He currently has two series running - The Collapse of Western Civilization: Already in Progress, which is a somewhat random humorous socio-political commentary slash absurdist series. The other is a 10-part Star Trek parody called Spacedogs.

Matt is 100% Italian as far as I know, but he made an hysterical installment of TCOWCAIP about St. Patrick's Day - I thought his comment about Lucky Charms: "they're magically disgusting" was hysterical. Watch it here.

His Spacedogs series, although it has some moments, isn't quite my cup of tea. He agreed with me when I suggested to him that his target demographic for that series is "14-year-old boys."

However, I do love the seventh episode. I hired Matt for my JULIA & BUDDY production because he is a beautiful man. I do not apologize for casting attractive men in my productions, especially for a romantic story, a point I made a few years ago here.

Matt is the most beautiful man I've worked with and I am amazed he isn't a movie star yet. Not only does he have a beautiful face, he has an extremely masculine physique - a classic V-shape: very wide shoulders with very narrow hips.

I admit I could watch the last 40 seconds of this episode of Spacedogs on an endless loop. I'm a sighted heterosexual female - so sue me.

Although I've seen his bare torso before - he volunteered to wear an open shirt in the second act of JULIA & BUDDY as I talk about here. And he was never shy about disrobing in front of the rest of the cast and crew (all three of us) which kind of embarrassed me although can you ever see too much of a beautiful man?