Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We all live in a Nazi submarine

I mostly posted this just so I could use that title, but I am in fact referring to the latest play by actor/playwright Nat Cassidy called "The Temple" which is set in a Nazi submarine. Also I know Mr. Cassidy likes to check out this blog once in a while to see if I'm talking about him, and I like to make it worth his while every now and then.

I haven't seen the play so I don't have much to say about it other than it seems to support my theory that there is a solid segment of the off-off Broadway world who want to do manly-man plays, perhaps in an effort to save theater from being too girly-girl - after all, the theater audience is 61% female and of the male audience members, probably a solid 25% are gay, so nothing says popular hit like a war play with an all-male cast (that are not naked and singing.) But producers often don't seem to care, considering women and gays just so much low-hanging fruit to be ignored while they produce musicals based on Rocky, in a desperate effort to get the audience that really provides ones work with high status - straight men. So what do I know? It just might be a winning strategy.

And now I must go and work on my play about Marilyn Monroe.